This category provides recipes for business processes and recipes for various function of an enterprise e.g. marketing, sourcing, value creation, value delivery etc.

Develop Building block Framework by duplicating the master framework . 

Add projects to project portfolio under the right category and at the right level

If a single objective requires two or more Domain Experts to work together, please submit quotations for each one of them separately.

Breakdown project objectives by sources of supplies.

Dream of a better world, something like the heaven,  and share the vision with your community.

Observe the quality of life around you by interviewing people from your own social circle and discover the current reality by drilling down and diving deep into root causes of the problems to understand the current reality.

Define the gaps between your vision of the better world and the current realty as your have discovered above.   


Build Communities to Optimize Value of Resources for Current and Future Generations

Build communities of people from your own circle around a single idea to optimize the value of their resources. A single idea effecting a billions people is a billions dollar opportunity. Therefore, the bigger the community the better it is.

Following are some of the example to optimize value out of resources

  • Good health and time saving tools can help optimize the value of time.
  • Outsourcing, simplification, standardization and automation of business activities can optimize the value of time and money. 
  • Getting rid of the middlemen by using match making apps can optimize the value
  • Optimize use of idle capacity by making shared economy apps like air bnb
  • Cut back on manpower cost by making IoT based embedded systems to replace human to interact with machines. 
  • Use blockchain technology to enable two parties transact directly without having to have a 3rd person as a trustee like banks, authorities etc. 
  • Connect people on a single objective to make supply chain or ecosystem. 
  • Use AI to (a) automate decision making and workflow (b) self learning (c) idea generation (c) multiple role playing
  • Use IT for diagnoses and compliance checks.
  • Recycle trash to optimize the use of resources and save the future generations.

This program helps you come up with a great idea to startup your own business. This involves identifying problems and opportunities from around your social circle to work on to design and develop a solution later in Design Solutions program.

The objective is to make problem based communities of the people who can directly benefit so that they can help us in analysis and validation of a workable solution design or prototype product.
The program has been designed not only to identify opportunities around you but also to help you build some leadership traits essential to successfully complete the next step that's the Design Solution program. Some of the leadership traits this activity will help us assess include the following:
  • ability to manage yourself e.g. your promises, your schedule etc., 
  • ability to go out of your comfort zone to reach out people, 
  • ability to share a vision to connect with people and build a community, 
  • ability to be open minded and explore different perspectives while walking in others shoes, 
  • ability to feel others pain and empathize with them, 
  • ability to find facts, validate truth by separating it from the false by overcoming cognitive biases including your own biases.

This program has been designed to help those who have got a passion to work on a problem, investigate into the the root causes and design a solution.