Start-up-Tribe is an ecosystem for building startups based on co-create and share value principle through our social innovators and entrepreneurs program.

Program description 

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  • The program has been designed to prepare members to explore social innovations and entrepreneurship as a preferred career path and learn how to use automation, AI and robotics to solve world's biggest problems rather than competing with them in the job market.
  • it's based on the shared economy principle where members co-create and share value greater than the sum of their contributions.
  • Here the co-creators earn cash, credits or shares for contributing their surplus resources (i.e. anything including time that’s surplus to the needs) or capacity (e.g workspace, campus, idle machines or anything else that's underutilized) in our startup projects.
  • It’s run under Start-up-Tribe that's a local ecosystem for startups. The local member companies are responsible to build and run the Tribe by providing assurance to all its members of equitable rights in the value created and proactive management of risks of failure through a robust governance and controls framework.