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Domain Experts - Sourcing Zero Waste Solutions

Domain Experts - Sourcing Zero Waste Solutions

by Wadud Mughal -
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Domain Experts: Sourcing Zero Waste Solutions


  • Startup Tribe Malaysia is a startup foundry for social enterprises.
  • We run co-creators programs designed and developed by Better World Makers Network to co-create a better and inclusive world.
  • Better World Makers Network is a Singapore based global network of social innovators and entrepreneurs who co-create communities, solutions and enterprise ecosystems.
  • Our relationship with the network is based on a shared set of vision, mission and values.
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  • You will be responsible for the quality, cost and timeline of plans and works done by research workers (university interns).

Project Objective and Scope:

Co-author a book (or a research paper) on Zero Waste By 2030 to help deliver United Nations: Goal 11: Sustainable cities and Communities; GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production; and GOAL 13: Climate Action.

  • Eliminate the root causes: (a) Explore alternative ways of working to eliminate the need to use products that produce waste or carbon emission. 
  • Control the damage: (a) Count items going in the waste in a given town and work with local user communities to explore ways to reduce the consumption of those items. (b) Search for greener products made of green(er) and recycled material and roll them out in local consumer communities. 
  • Solve the problem: (a) Co-create products and services out of green(er) and recycled material even if the green premium can’t be totally eliminated 

Process - research and rank: 

  • best (but not necessarily the perfect) working solutions and plan pilot roll-outs in target user communities.
  • ideas of perfect solutions for R & D projects.

Expertise Required:

  • RESEARCH: ability to explore and research all possible solutions to given challenges.
  • RANK: Ability to explore risks related to given challenges and use them to evaluate solutions explored above.
  • RESOURCE: ability to plan and estimate resources for the next step.

Research Challenges (topics/chapters)


  • Identify and disrupt root causes, e.g., disrupt sugar with stevia to eliminate obesity. 


  • Detect (problem incidents)
  • Alert (the responsible party)
  • Monitor (number of incidents)
  • Mitigate (the damage)


  • Solve (the problem) 
  • Sell (the solution to users for validation)
  • Simplify, standardize, automate and outsource (the processes)


  • Must have 5 yrs of work experience as a leader or consultant in one of the required domains of expertise.
  • Able to work remotely roughly 2 hours a week
  • Well connected with Startups / SME / corporate sector. 


  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Good command over English language.

Compensation and Modus Operandi: